Summer, a long time coming, but quick to leave.

Between hot summer weather and a sore back, the dogs and I have done very little hiking lately. Yesterday it had cooled off, so before the rain clouds got closer, we went for a walk on the 10 acres.

Although a lot of the balsam root has dried out and collapsed out onto the ground in a radial formation, there were a few here and there under the trees that surprisingly had some green left on their leaves. On top of the big rock that's next to the old skid trail was some pieces of egg shell, that I had to tell Rowdy not to eat. They were old looking, and probably some predators meal from early summer.

More ponderosas have gone orange, and a couple more have fallen over. August so far has been uncommonly cooler and wetter, which is a welcome relief from other years when we'd be fretting over possible forest fires. There has been some thunder and lightning, but the storms have been wet, not dry.

After the hike I got to work in the greenhouse, pulling up all but one of the tomato plants, and harvesting the last of the fruit. We only had two zucchini to harvest, although by the time I found them under the leaves they were huge. The cucumber plant just couldn't compete with all the big squash plants; they flowered, but didn't get beyond that. I removed the squash and cucumbers last week, and will have to rethink how many and where I plant them next year.

Cooler weather is forecast for the next several days, but with Fair week coming up, it could get hot again. Traditionally Fair week is a warm one.