Last Week

was a sad one for us. We made the hard decision to euthanize Jem on Tuesday, the seventh. Because of the pain in his mouth, he had gone from his relaxed, gentle self, to scared and suspicious; his only comfort in his magenta-colored bed close to the wood stove. It was very difficult to let him go.

His ashes are in a little paw-print-covered tin box that we'll bury on the North side of the house, where we can see him from the office windows. The same windows where he'd watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that gather in and around the rock wall and bird feeder.

On Thursday Rowdy dog went in to have his teeth cleaned. When Jem was doing his chemotherapy, Hans would have to sedate him a bit before starting the I.V. because he was "wiggly". His reaction to that was to run upstairs for treats as soon as we got home. Rowdy's reaction to being drugged was to stand very still. I'm sure for him it was unnerving to feel vulnerable, and not in total control of his faculties.