Fall Equinox

Only the younger, smaller quakies and cottonwoods have started to change color. The weather though, has turned cool and rainy. Time to put away the hoses and sprinklers; we've had enough rain to end the threat of forest fire this season. Robins seem to be flocking together, getting ready to leave. Deer are elsewhere, I haven't seen them around at all. There has been a die-off of whitetails in the Missoula area, but not that I know of in the Bitterroot.

I've already blanched and peeled several batches of tomatoes for the freezer. They taste so much better than the canned varieties. For now I've left most of the potatoes and carrots in their containers. For a taste test, I did dig up a few potatoes to cook for dinner, and again, being able to use fresh produce is always a treat.

The forecast is for temperatures to get close to freezing later this week, so I need to continue cleanup and start covering up in the greenhouse. Other than the vine on the outside stairs, the squash plants did poorly again this year, so I pulled those plants up. I'll give the tomatoes another day or so to vine ripen, and then clear those away, too. The strawberry, potato, and carrot containers I'll pull into the middle of the greenhouse and cover. There were just a few losses in the potatoes to freezing last year, so I know this works.