Digital vs. Digital

I create artwork both ways, on the computer and on paper, etc. Since both are created digitally (I use my fingers for both), I am amused by the resistance to art created on the computer by a lot of the fine art realm.

When Photoshop and other drawing programs first came out about 30 years ago, many in the medical illustration community were sure that they/we were doomed. After a few years of gnashing of teeth, the computer became another tool. Sure, as computer and non-computer artist Dan Seegmiller point out, it's much easier to correct mistakes on a computer, but you still have to know how to draw. The computer program won't draw it for you. If you don't know about light on form, contours, shading - all the basics - it will show.

As a member of the Board of Certification of Medical Illustrators, I see the candidate portfolios, and you can tell at once, no matter what computer program is being used whether that person has true drawing skills. One place to see very high caliber drawing skills is on the

Some would say there's no original art for a computer created piece, but I say my computer file is analogous to the lithography plate or stone.