Not fog, but smoke -

Last night smoke rolled into the valley, not from the large Gold Pan fire south of Salmon, but from the Pony complex fire east of Boise, which during Saturday afternoon began to send up a 30,000 ft. column of smoke. This morning before sunrise, we could see the lights of town, but now we're "smoked in".

Before going into town for my birthday dinner Friday night, I checked the radar at, and saw there was a large storm passing through Salmon headed due north. On the drive in, the view south was dark gray, and you could smell the rain coming. By the time we were finishing dinner, the wind was starting to pick up and the first drops of rain were coming down. Returning home on Westside road, we passed a dead tree lying across the opposite lane,  and reported that to the sheriff's office. Ours was only one of many emergency calls that evening, with others for lightning caused grass fires and downed power lines. None of those problems up here on the mountain where the winds weren't as strong, and we did thankfully, get some rain.

The forecast has varying percentage chances of rain for next week, and we are not in as dry circumstances as last year, which gives us hope we won't have to evacuate the house this August.