Dog Watching Television

On a Saturday afternoon, post our glass of wine and crackers and cheese, the dogs had play-time on the deck. (No wine for the dogs, but probably a third of our snacks.) Those two "tasks" done, they settled down on the boards to watch the scenery to the south. 

 TV was on, but without sound so I wondered why Rowdy began whining and looking over his shoulder in that northerly direction. I turned around to see the tag end of a Cascade dishwasher detergent commercial, and had to assume a dog, or dog shape was included in their message. Unlike Jessie, Rowdy often watches TV, and whines, barks and jumps about before heading to the room behind the TV to find that other canine, or outside to check there. both Howard and I were surprised and amused that he'd notice - let alone watch - anything from perhaps 20 ft. away, through a window and screen. Having read this recent Smithsonian  blog post I would have figured he had seen a fairly degraded image of what might have been a dog or four-legged shape. Perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly, but I do think I've seen a dog in a dishwasher soap commercial at some time, but as of yet can't find one for Cascade. Until then, Rowdy will maintain his vigilance over the Tube.