Morning alarm

During the week we set the alarm clock for 5 a.m., but at this time of the year with first light coming not long after 4 a.m., that has the dogs and cats up, and letting us know in various ways it's breakfast time.

This morning before the alarm clock could go off, Jessie gave a growl and then a bark, and I got to the bedroom window in time to see a black bear loping out from under the deck, headed towards the draw North of the house. We waited a minute or two, and let loose the dogs, who gave chase, barking the whole way.

Except for a suet cake, I stopped filling the bird feeder a couple of weeks ag, and the garbage is closed up in the garage, but I suppose the bear feels it might as well stop by to see what might be left out. Heading into town on Tuesday morning, which is garbage day, I saw someone picking up after a bear raid on the trash cans set out along the sides of Owings Creek road. I only saw one garbage bag actually torn apart, the rest were just scattered in the road. FWP set up a bear trap in the neighborhood last year after some bear break ins and mischief, but never caught the culprit. They may have to try again -