Raven's Gift

Late this afternoon the sun peeked out again, after yesterday's 0.46" of rain. Also (see previous post) I took Jessie into Bitterroot Kennels for her summer shave. She was most reluctant yesterday afternoon (oh! my body image - and it's cold!!) to go outside, so I tried again today.

A few hit and miss mistings of rain an bits of sun most of the day, so the more obvious sun this afternoon made it OK for a short walk. After retrieving the card from the trail cam in the draw, I walked along the lower driveway. Rowdy tried very hard to get Jessie to play, but she was having nothing to do with that. Every once in a while she will chase him along the hillsides, but most times, not.

Closer to the end of both the lower and upper driveways, I saw the shape of a raven flying above. In the last week or two we had heard the adolescent call of an raven downhill of us it's voice higher, not yet changed to "basso",  and knew that possibly the same family had returned to our general area. Watching overhead, I noted that the raven had a tail feather or so missing. Following its flight I saw it perch high in a pine tree where I saw it pluck at something close to its body that at first instinct I thought was a kill of some sort. It was then I saw a feather spiraling down like a maple leaf seed, the white shaft marking its path downwards into the grass.

Seeing where it fell, and before and after retrieving the treasure of its feather, I thanked the raven. I have no way of knowing if we've had the same pair nest and fledge their young in our area over the last three years, but it is a treasure hearing that silly youngster calling out again and again with its high-pitched "caw!" for that last free meal from mom and pop. Last year, Howard saw the young one playing joyfully on the ground, jumping up and down and tossing sticks in the air - throwing rosebuds while it may.