Jessie's Coat

We had close to a half inch of rain yesterday, which made walks or hiking outdoors not a great idea. However, considering the state of our moisture last summer, we appreciate every drop we get. 

Yesterday was also Jessie's beauty shop/Bitterroot Kennel grooming appointment for her yearly "do" AKA, shave. Last year I did this in March, which was a mistake, since we get many cold days before it's finally fully warm in July, and she spent more than a few days in March and April curled up on the couch. I thought that mid-June might be better, but of course weather being weather, post shave she's again reluctant to go outside. Recalling past experience with other family pets, this isn't entirely due to temperature, but also to body image. I do say that her shaved self does look quite different from her full, formal coat, but I know that in a few days she will be comfortable in her .warm season look. More importantly, with her typical full coat she was a perfect magnet for hound's tongue (beggar's lice) and cheat grass seeds. If you know what they are, you know that both are more than an irritant for dogs.