More May Journal Pages

May bounces from cool to warm, dry to rainy, and we need all the rain we can get. Hiking around the property, both Howard and I continue to be discouraged as we see more of our trees dying. Some it seems go from green to orange in a day. Since some of the firs are now dying or have died, we can't just blame the pine white butterflies for all the damage.

Sketch made down by the river, while waiting for Jem cat's chemotherapy session to be over.

A selection of wildflowers found on a hike.

Howard is out of town, so naturally a bear visits.

Mixed media sketch of a sunrise of the Sapphires.

A berry bush with many different names.

Closeup of a blossom.

The dogs don't chase these ladies, but Jessie did let me know they were up behind the house.

Morel mushrooms are out higher up the mountain, but not yet on our burned area.