Stocking the greenhouse

This week was finally warm enough to start working in the greenhouse. The strawberries made it through winter, including the surprise ones that were seeded from the plants in the hanging baskets. And, a lone lettuce plant has sprouted in one of the containers.

We bought another rain barrel, and will attach that to the old one for more storage of both water and heat. I got the solar powered pump out of the closet and set that up again so it can start charging. It is a great labor saver, since watering from either of the spigots at the house involves a lot of back and forth. We've been putting the solar charger on the rocks next to the greenhouse, but the chipmunks, or Jessie chasing the chipmunks, sometimes knock it out of position. Howard has a plan to make a bracket for the charger on the greenhouse, safe from pets and wildlife and in a better position to catch the sun.

Cleanup done, I turned the compost bin and shoveled out some of the finished compost to add to the soil in all the containers. This year I put the squash seedlings near the northeast corner and the door by the potatoes, and again planted the cucumber starts in their usual spot in the southeast corner, going from taller to shorter plants. The west wall works well for all the tomatoes, so those starts are in those four containers. Seeds sown were potato, yellow and purple onions, green onions, carrots, radishes and beets.

We're not quite past the threat of frost, so I'll have to keep a close eye on the weather reports for overnight temperatures. A slight chance of snow is forecast for Monday, so for now the heat lamp stays in the greenhouse. It was on last night, but it was 53 this morning, so not really necessary. Better safe, as they say.