Spring cleaning

With a day of 50 degree temperatures forecast yesterday, we started our outdoor Spring cleaning. Snow and ice are still in scattered patches, but the ground is beginning to thaw out. The pile of tree branches and woody debris we made a couple of years ago was dry enough to start on fire without too much help. Most areas around the house are too muddy to work on, but this hillside just below the head of the driveway had enough grass to give traction for the ASV.

We've been working on cleaning up the ground and limbing the trees on our property since we bought it in 2005, but the fires of 2010 and '12, have made us look critically at areas where more trees need to be taken out. Howard realized after his experience in August, that it would be necessary to take some of the trees along Grubstake road below our driveway. Other than escaping through the woods, the road is the only route away from our house during a forest fire, and there are quite a few trees lining the downhill side.

I'm hearing more bird voices than the Steller's jays and Clark's nutcrackers; it certainly sounded more Spring-like yesterday. Soon I'll need to start saving egg shells for a little calcium supplement to the birds' diet for egg-laying season. Also noted very briefly at the feeder a day or so ago was a blue jay.

Last night we received 0.13" of rain, and with that it will certainly be too muddy and wet to work outside today. A better day to go into town and get breakfast at The Loft.