Out and About

More of the seasonal bird visitors are arriving to join the year-round residents - a junco, and more downy woodpeckers. Watching from the office I saw two downys bookend the trunk of a tree for a minute or two, before spiraling upward in either chase or courtship (or both). At least one had the red marking of a male, but I couldn't get a clear look at the other. No pine siskins yet, but yesterday morning I did hear two great horned owls chatting in the dark, and we saw a hawk in the trees North of the house and bird feeder. Chipmunks are awake and scampering around the rock walls.

Yesterday, before getting down to outside chores, I took the dogs over to the draw and spring next to Uncle Al's for a sketching opportunity. Upper and lower sections are in flow, as not as usual, they have been since January. The draw stays in shade most of the day and the moss covered banks of the spring are still covered lightly with snow. Twigs laying above the water have a "lollipop" of ice on them. Sitting in the shade and on snow, it was cold, so my sketch was fairly brief. The dogs wondering why I was just sitting there, both came over to investigate this non-ambulatory activity.

Back home, the dogs knew work was afoot, so they chose to go inside for a nap. The rest of the afternoon I spent limbing the trees next to the road, downhill of the driveway entrance. Howard was working on our large burn pile, and relocating the firewood. I didn't get finished - some of the trees need a more strategic approach to reaching their lower limbs. They are a little too far away from the edge of road to reach with the pruning saw, but I hope I can reach enough of them from below although it's a steep slope. Plenty of good exercise, especially upper body, so no need for the health club today.