Cabin Fever?

It's been quite cold for the last week, below zero at night and not much above that during the day. Howard made sure we had enough wood at the house before he left on his Midwest trip, so the house has been warm. On Thursday when I went into Hamilton to get the mail, it had made it up to 10 degrees, today it was 1, with a faint dusting of snow.

When I got home from town today, the dogs were definitely campaigning for me to take them on a walk. Sorry, Rowdy and Jessie, you're on your own! It's too cold for me, and too cold for them for anything longer than a few minutes. Also, because of hauling wood, etc., my sciatica is sending zings down my legs. The second time I filled up the wood box, its tires were just squeaking along, turning ever so slowly on the skiff of snow, and I had to grunt and pull hard to get it back to the side door of the garage.

The dogs don't have the distraction/relaxation of art, but I've been able to get some new pieces done during this chill-down. I also found out this a.m. that I had Turkeys in the Fall Sun, and Wolves in the Willows accepted to an art show in Elk River, MN.

Tomorrow's forecast is for the mid-teens during the day, so a much better day for taking the dogs for a hike.