Yesterday we watched from the office windows as a group of bucks came uphill to check on the remaining pieces of deer block. Their favorite brand is Purina's Country Acres, but these are what's left of Brand X we got when the preferred brand wasn't available. Brand X appears to be to dense and hard for the deer to eat, and we've seen them strike at them with their hooves, trying to break off smaller chunks.

Howard thought he had spotted another buck with only one antler left, but looking closer saw that the second was still attached, and dangling down in front of the deer's face. We watched for several minutes, hoping to see the moment where it dropped off. Another buck was playing keep-away at the pieces of deer block, and we thought maybe some of that action would get the antler to fall off. I was urging the buck to give his head a good shake; it did look like the loose antler was bothering him, but he couldn't hear my advice. After some more meandering around at the deer block, he and some of the others headed down into the draw, and out of sight. If last night's rain hasn't made the snow too slick, I'll go out later and see what I can find.