Canine subterfuge

I'd given the dogs each a dental chew, and Jessie chose to take hers outside. Any other time of the year, she could bury it in the dirt, but today it's somewhere under the snow. She came back inside, and Rowdy was still working on his. The TV was on, and a commercial with a dog in it started, which led Rowdy to jump up and away from his chew to bark at the TV.

Obviously Jessie had been biding her time, and while Rowdy was bouncing around under the TV she made her move, and in a second was up on the couch chewing on her prize, Rowdy's chewie. Commercial over, Rowdy went back to look for his treat, and on sniffing around, saw it was gone. Can't have that, so I gave him another one. Two teeth brushings in one day.