Wildlife watching - elliptical style

Sometimes it's hard to feel that necessary motivation to go to the health club and do the osteoporosis abatement thing. As usual, today after working out with the arm and some of the leg weight machines, I headed for the elliptical. The western side of Canyons Health Club is all windows, and a lot of the treadmill, cycle, elliptical and other exercise machines are positioned to take in the view. Again because of the smoke from the fires Downing mountain where we live, and the center point of the panorama, was obscured from view.

After getting started on the elliptical machine, I started looking at the golden, post harvest hay field that is just across the street from the west facing windows. I saw three shapes in the middle distance, and after looking wondered at first if this were a buck and two does, but not seeing antlers, decided that they were a doe deer and this year's twin fawns. As I watched they ambled and grazed moving from north to south in the middle of the field.

Still watching I saw another movement in the same field, but further south. By the way it moved (maybe there were two??) it was clear that it was either dogs, coyotes or foxes. Judging by the size and shape, I guessed coyote and watched as one did some mousing, enjoying seeing the characteristic leap in the air and "pounce!". The doe and her fawns didn't seem fazed and continued moving south. The coyote did a turn and started moving to the east in a parallel direction to the Canyons building as the time on my elliptical session ran down.

Even knowing that I feel better after exercise it is sometimes hard to get it done, and I always look forward to my reward of relaxing in the steam room. Today it was helpful to do be able to do more wildlife watching in addition to the bird activity I've observed before - hawks, magpies, etc. hunting in the hay. I usually supplement my health club activities with hiking around the house with the dogs, but other than a short hike on Tuesday when the smoke wasn't as bad, it's just been too unhealthy to do anything that involves much exertion.

There is a slight chance of rain starting on Sunday through Tuesday, so we can only hope it actually gets here.