And yet more water -

I got a brief glimpse of town this morning, but now we're back in the fog, and with over an inch of rain in the past two days. Dogs Rowdy and Jessie hold me personally responsible for the weather, and when it's raining or windy, I get many baleful looks, and requests to go out - and come right back inside. claims this will be turning to snow later today, but at 42 degrees at eight a.m we'll have to see. However, the barometer has fallen below 29 in/Hg for the first time in months, so maybe we will get that 5 to 7 inches of the white stuff they're predicting. I'd rather not have to plow the driveway though -

This is a good day to scan my November sketching journal pages, and some of the experimental watercolor, pigma pens, and colored pencil pieces I've been doing from Bob Marshall sketches printed on archival digital paper. The paper in my current sketching journal is dry media only; I found out the hard way the Faber-Castell markers will bleed through,  but I can play a bit with the other Canson and Arches papers. Our latest HP printer