Ruling the Roost

From the 60's earlier this week, it has cooled off and today things look like they did mid-October with a blanket of snow. I went to get snow tires on the car on Tuesday, but they had to be ordered and wouldn't be in until yesterday - the day it was supposed to turn back to winter. It was a white knuckle trip, but I didn't have a problem getting down the hill by taking my time, although looking at the wiggling tire tracks and slide-offs up and down Owings Creek road, others couldn't say the same.

Along with the rest of the procrastinators, I had the to-be-expected two hour wait to get the tires changed. TV is always tuned to Fox news at the tire store, and I got to overhear two conversations between people who had voted for the losing side in the Presidential election. Most of the content was white person angst about the "direction the country was headed", some of it by one man quite racist. Personally, I'm glad to see the Karl Roves, Kochs and Bill O'Reilly take second place. The tragedy to me is the incredible amounts of money spent on this election, and how it could have been so much better spent.

On the way home the roads in town were just wet, and the plow was working on the county portion of Owings Creek road. The uphill straight portion beyond the mail boxes had more wandering tire tracks, and closer to the top some vigorous zig-zags. There at the "Y" at the turn onto Grubstake road, was a VW sedan with a steaming engine and two bummed looking young guys standing next to it. They told me they had help on the way, and it's my guess that their car had only front-wheel drive and no snow tires.

This morning, before going out to sweep off the driveway, I filled the bird feeder again while two or three jays waited in the trees. As soon as I sent the feeder back out on the cable, it was mobbed by the Steller's jays and Clark's nutcrackers. Watching from the bedroom window I saw one bird fly in and scatter everyone else. It was sitting on the floor of the feeder so I couldn't see what bird it was at first, but it was not allowing anyone else in there to eat. Pretty soon I saw the distinctive black breast band of the flicker, and when it flew off, the orange under the wings. Both the feeder and the ground below are busy with birds, including some mourning doves.