More of October -

This time the wind was whipping snow through the trees instead of rain -


10/15/12 Our first look at Winter (Unfortunately, the marker on the following page bled onto this one.)

Howard brought home from Washington part of a maple vine. The bright red color of the leaves didn't survive the trip, but the vine had several interesting shapes.


On that same trip coming back through the Big Hole, Howard had an immature Swainson's hawk fly in front of the pickup, and I saved some of the feathers. I also found a pile of plucked turkey feathers on the trail across the 10 acres. I had trouble on this page with the title lettering, so they both got "bandages".

10/27/12 Predator and Prey feathers

Shopping for groceries I saw some Fall gourds and brought them home. They always remind me of sketching in early art classes.


For Halloween, the dogs and I were on the search for bones.

10/31/12 We found the last of Mr. Elk - most of the spine and pelvis - wrapped around a tree trunk not far from his original resting place. It took approximately 3 years to get the carcass down to bones. The dogs have since brought what was left to their bone pile.