Investigating a found object

Friday started out cloudy, but they turned into wonderful blue skies again, so I skipped going to the health club and worked outside instead, raking down part of the hillside down from the cisterns, and limbing the big fir tree across the draw. It's actually on Monaco's property, but we have their enthusiastic go-ahead to thin out some of their trees in that area. Today, although it's not terrible, we have some smoke back in the valley.

I've been trying to identify some skeletal remains I picked up on a hike on the east side in the Sapphires a number of years ago. Until we did some Fall cleaning last weekend the still articulated thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and sacrum have sat high up on a shelf. I'd never really looked at it closely, assuming it was a small deer, but looking again at it and comparing it with another deer spinal segment I have, I realized it was something else. Searching the web, and doing some research on canine and feline skeletal anatomy, I've come to the conclusion that it's probably a dog. The images I've seen of cat sacrums (sacrii?) don't seem right. I'll take some pictures and post on the Companion Pet Facebook page and see what Dr. Boer has to say. The anatomical images that are on line are either from all the wrong angles, or in some cases dreadful photography.