Windows on wildlife

Looking out the office window I noticed the silhouette of a mourning dove on a fir tree branch. I don't recall them staying this long into Fall, but so far it hasn't been terribly cold so maybe they don't see the need to leave. Most of the chipmunks seem to have retreated into the rocks on either side of the house for their hibernation.

A couple of days ago I spotted a gray jay in the feeder. The Stellar's jays and Clark's nutcrackers monopolize the feeder, so the smaller birds like the downys, doves, nuthatches and chickadees wait their turn, but the gray jays are be big enough to compete. Somehow we just don't see the grays around much, if at all.

Another window that's good for wildlife watching is at Canyons Health Club. The deer and birds I've seen in the now-harvested hayfield across the street are a great distraction from working out on the elliptical. On Monday I watched a flock of starling-sized birds gracefully swoop back and forth over the field, and glide to land in the hay stubble, where at odd moments one or more single birds would hop up and down before the flock took off again.