For the birds

Yesterday I took the dogs for a short walk over toward Uncle Al's place on our 10 acres. I saw Rowdy sniffing at something along the trail, and came across a small mound of plucked turkey feathers and picked up a few. Instead of going all the way down into the draw, I turned at the big old tree stump to make the lower loop back to the house. Along the way, I flushed a grouse out from under an uphill tree.

Getting closer to home and out on the more open hillside, I could hear a very upset Stellar's jay at the top of a large Ponderosa. I stopped and turned around to look up, when I heard another type of bird cry - more like a raptor, certainly not like the chickadees and nuthatches I was hearing closer to the draw. Pretty soon I spotted a hawk in the Ponderosa next to where the jay sat, and saw it fly into that tree to try to get the noisy bird. The hawk missed, and after a few seconds of consideration flew off to the East.

I have to be careful now and put my feather finds where Tippy can't find them. She's fished them out of the little metal box I keep some art supplies in, so I had to put a lid on that.