Rain with a little snow on the side

Yesterday we got the soaking rain we've been looking for, all 0.79"  of it, that turned to some soggy snow in the evening. A few random flakes falling this morning, but it's not cold enough for the white stuff to stay on the ground. Better luck with that next week.

Along with the rain, we also had high gusty winds, and after flickering on and off, about 11:30 the power went out for a couple of hours. I was getting some things ready for my December art show; description cards, etc., but when I had to shut the computer down it didn't put me behind. I was probably faster getting those things done without the distractions of the internet, email, Facebook, and all those other electronic "necessities". Later in the day Mike from Picturesque called to say my canvas prints were ready, but I told him I thought it wasn't a good day to be transporting artwork ;-)