Drawing Yellowstone, Part One

In July I took two classes with the Yellowstone Association's Institute at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. The first a two day class, Sketching in Yellowstone, with sculptor George Bumann http://www.georgebumann.com/gb/, followed by a four day course, A Trail Through Leaves, sketching and journaling with Hannah Hinchman. Several students took both classes.

George was more about getting the quick impression of the landscape and wildlife. His encyclopedic knowledge of not only art and artists, but also wildlife and ecology, plus his great enthusiasm made for a wonderful class. We did many 10 - 30 second sketches, to build up our observational skills before going outside for longer works. We didn't get into color, but used b&w tone or line for our sketches.

Lamar Valley Buffalo

Lamar Valley

Yellowstone River at "Wrecker" pullout