Go, Bear!

Yesterday afternoon while I was upstairs in the house, I heard border collie Jessie barking at what I figured was a car going up the hill. When I went out on the deck to see, instead of a vehicle, she had a black bear walking across the hill just above the house. I yelled at her to come back to the house, but it took her a minute or two to decide that the deck was safer.

With Jessie in the house I went to get my camera, and Howard's .44 revolver that's loaded with bird shot. I was pretty sure that although the bear seemed to be wandering away, that it wasn't gone. And sure enough, looking out one of the upstairs windows, I saw it on the rock wall that comes out of the back of the corner of the house. From the end of the deck I yelled "go bear!", and "get!", and it did head uphill. But while getting a couple of very quick pictures, I saw that the bear had paused a bit to look back, and didn't seem particulalry spooked. So, getting the gun, and with a two-handed grip, I shot off one round. That made it take off uphill, but I decided another round was in order to keep it going. We had a pest bear last year (breaking into houses, barns, garbage) that FWP tried to trap, so we'll have to keep an eye out.

On another note, the glacier lilies and  shooting stars are gone, but the balsamroot and arnica are in full blossom, with the lupines just starting to bud and bloom.