Moving In

The greenhouse is 99% done, we just have to do some sealing around joints and corners. This was decidedly not a task for the easily frustrated or those not comfortable with tools or necessary improvisation, but over the past weekend we got the tomatoes, squash, cucumbers et al., moved in. Transplanting went easier on the cukes and squash than on the tomatoes, and today's and yesterday's temps in the 80s had the tomato plants looking a bit worse for the wear. We installed the rain barrel inside the greenhouse and filled it, and later will work on using rain runoff from its roof for watering.

I was a bit worse for the wear from all the bending, lifting, and crouching necessary to get construction done, so with a bit of sciatica showing up in my right leg, I skipped going to the health club last week. After a workout today, some time in the steamroom felt very good.

I can still hear some tapping from the tree where the nuthatches were working a week or so ago, but they should be coming close to being done with their nest construction and should be thinking about laying some eggs.