House Construction

We started putting up the new greenhouse, and couldn't get it done in one day, but did get the gable end and sides up. Actual construction isn't too difficult, but the instructions and diagrams suffer from "clear only if known" problems. Howard had to go to Oregon for the Pacific NW Ski Areas Assn. meeting, so I was going to put up part of the door end while he was gone. The corners went OK, but as I went to put up the middle vertical supports, I found we had used all the clips that came with the kit that add extra attachment to the bottom rail. Chances of the hardware stores in town having something similar were nill, but I tried anyway.

One of the first statements in the assembly instructions is to make sure that you have all the necessary parts, but these clips aren't listed on any of the three the parts lists and are shown only once in a small diagram on one of them. We have a number to call about missing parts, but we'll try to fabricate our own clips before calling and waiting for them to be sent. I did get the doors provisionally put together, but Howard will have to fully tighten up the screws - I'll only ruin the heads if I use the power drill....

Hopefully we'll get the greenhouse done soon, since our tomato plants are getting pretty tall, and I'm getting tired of putting them out the deck during the day for some sun and then bringing them in at night. Unlike earlier this week when the highs were in the mid 80s, there are some flakes of snow coming down this morning. Spring continues to wax and wane.

Other construction noted was a nuthatch busily excavating a nest in an old Ponderosa pine snag that we left up when we thinned the trees below the house. The snag has a number of holes in it where the woodpeckers have worked on it over the years, and nuthatches are known to reuse them for nests. As I walked by, I heard the vigorous tapping and looked up to see the nuthatch come out of the hole to dump out a mouthfull of wood. Its hole is just under a broken off branch, and after watching a bit, I saw another nuthatch come to the branch and start what seemed like a mating dance; cheeping and bowing while dropping and fluttering its wings. Pretty soon they changed places, and bird #1 flew off.