Spring waxes and wanes

Although it's snowing at the top of the mountain today, yesterday while raking pinecones I noticed that along with the grass greening up, little lupine and balsamroot plants are appearing here and there. A turkey or two are also coming around again to forage under the bird feeder. This time of the year, I also start putting out dried egg shells as a calcium supplement for the next generation.

Raking pinecones or anything on flat ground is one thing, but raking on a slope (and that's pretty much all we have up here) made a trip to exercise at the health club unnecessary today. You'd think that gravity would help as you went downhill, but as the pile gets bigger, the work gets harder.

My other exercise this weekend was taking apart our current greenhouse to make way for the new, larger one that's on its way. Of course, it was a lot faster taking it down than putting it up. I was also trying to keep it in panels or larger pieces if I could, and managed to keep the roof section as one piece. Not sure if we want to put it all back together, but we could at least use the roof section as cover for a cold frame. The old one was good, but not really sturdy enough for the weather and winds we get. It will be interesting to see how long it takes us to put up the new one.....