water tank roundup

While I was paying attention to the road below the driveway and its coating of ice, (who doesn't like to drive on a luge run?!) the high winds had moved our portable water tank. A plastic cylinder, it's stored on it's side by the wood pile down on the lower driveway. There's a steep drop below that driveway, and it was lucky the tank didn't keep rolling and wind up a half mile away at the neighbors. (Although I would have enjoyed seeing that...) However, it landed on its bottom, but with the lower driveway also glazed with an inch or so of ice, and more heavy winds predicted, I needed to tie the thing down. Even with Yak Traks on, I couldn't walk around the tank, but the spigot was facing me and I managed to get a rope around that and tie it off to an uphill tree. Later in the day it warmed up enough so I could manuever better, and got the rope around the whole tank and tied off again to the tree. I'm sure Howard will laugh at my knot tying, however.

We have the water tank and pump in case it's needed to fight a forest fire. This very mild winter we've had more rain than snow, but it's all moisture going into the ground that we'll be grateful for in July and August.