Smoky weather

The continued hot weather and some breezes have enlarged the area fires, especially the one(s) across the valley in the Sapphires. One section has crept over the ridge to the West, and we can see the flames when it gets dark, but they are keeping the helicopters dropping water there. Chances of thunderstorms over the weekend are making us wonder if we should go on our Yellowstone trip next week.

Yesterday morning we had two turkey hens and their fledglings come by the office window. Their flock was about twelve to fifteen birds. While I was taking some pictures, I noticed a larger bird in the tops of the trees that was being mobbed by two Steller's jays. I'm no expert on hawks, but it perched long enough for me to say it could be a red tail. The turkeys didn't seem to take as much notice of the hawk as they did me and the camera, and they slowly made their way down the hill. These were not the same littler chicks I saw last week; these were half grown or better.

Today I started on a painting of last week's hen and her chicks.