It's been a week since we adopted a new cat, Tippy. Originally rescued as a feral kitten, in addition to being a Manx cross, she lost a bit of one ear to frostbite, and the other was "tipped" when she was spayed. She was first adopted by our cat sitter, but that didn't work out because the other cat in the house would stalk and pounce on her.

Over the week we've had our ups and downs, but nothing serious unless you count her finding that special hiding place behind the washer and dryer. Homemade smoked salmon got her out once, (I wasn't fast enought with my blockade) but cat (oat) grass got her our successfully on another try. The gaps on the top and sides of the washer and dryer now are covered by plywood. Too bad I didn't think of that earlier.....

Tippy and the other cat Jem have had a bit of hissing, but otherwise are ignoring each other. The dogs are another story, and there's been hissing and spitting there. She lived with dogs before, but we need to take a gradual approach with our two sometimes rambunctious pups.

This week has been hot and sunny, so I have much less interest in working outside - ha! We stayed up Mon. night to watch the Fourth fireworks in town and besides what was going on at the fairgrounds, were surprised to see the number of larger fireworks up on the Sapphire hills and down Skalkaho.