Alumni night

Another great day of high quality content at the AMI meeting, with an excellent talk on community brand strategies by Katherine Jones of Milkshake Media.

In the afternoon we moved over to the new Johns Hopkins Armstrong Medical Education Building for Techniques Showcase and workshops. I took the Abdominal Anatomy and AAA Repair workshop, with Drs. Heitmiller, Gashti, and Shoen, and Dr. Heitmiller's residents. After a thorough review of the relevant anatomy, using a fake blood filled, simulated infrarenal and left iliac aneurysm, the Drs. performed an open AAA repair. Although these days an endovascular repair via the femorals is usually used, there are cases where an open approach is necessary, so this was practice for the residents. It was an excellent opportunity to see real anatomy (rather than in a book) and to get a chance to sketch.

Kim Krumweide arranged for the University of Texas Southwestern Biomedical Illustration program alumni night at the Rusty Scupper on the harbor. With the fate of the program in real question, the mood was perhaps a little subdued, but we did have fun and enjoyed the evening.

Still extremely hot here, but we're cocooned in the hotel most of the time.