Didn't get to the health club last week for weight bearing exercises. It was rather a week of finding out what was the matter with Jem the cat. I had found poop on the carpet a couple of times, and it took me a few days to find out that it was him and not our other cat, Tippy. A day or two later, he seemed to really not be feeling well, and since he seemed to be straining to go to the bathroom I assumed he was having trouble urinating, so quickly off to the vet. After x-rays, ultrasound, and a fine needle biopsy, he got a diagnosis of an abdominal lymphoblastic lymphoma.

He's on a three drug "COP" protocol, and had the Vincristine on Tues., so with that being an IV drug, and the lab tests he'll need, we'll be seeing a lot of Dr. Boer.