A bit more precip.

Two or three inches of snow this morning, but after some late a.m. breeziness, skies have cleared to a nice - but colder - day. As predicted, but one never knows! Before Howard left, he plowed the drive and road down to the gate, and we filled up the wood trailer. The bad thing about the snow plow is that it has hydraulic connections, which I'm really not sure I have the strength to attach, otherwise I'd DIM - do it myself.

This morning's snow was a little "sugary" as I call it, so I put on the YakTracks before going down to the wood pile to toss wood into the ASV bucket for transport to the wood trailer. After the diagnosis (at 56 - sheesh!) of osteoporosis - mostly in my hips with some in my lumbar spine - I am more circumspect in my walks and hikes around the house and acreage. The dogs don't understand, but it will take me some time to not have this "don't fall!!" danger front and center on my mind, and to be careful without being over the top. Being the nervous type anyway doesn't help ;-)

Speaking of the diagnosis, the screening guidelines  http://www.ahrq.gov/clinic/uspstfix.htm  from the govt. that the insurance companies use, stipulate that 65 is the beginning age for screening for osteoporosis (?), so initially I was pissed that my insurance company didn't pay for the bone scan. However, I can in this instance be glad that my doctor wasn't aware of this age limitation and ordered the test. At least now I can do a few things to keep the status quo (increased exercise and calcium supplements), vs. going through the next 9 - 10 years having my hips and spine going from bad to worse with me being none the wiser. It's always something - ha!, but with friends being diagnosed this year with much worse maladies than mine, I can maintain perspective and use my energy to wish them to well.

Breeze is kicking up again, and time to check the wood stove again -