Winter time?

I know it's not officially winter until 12/21, but as of now, it seems more like Spring with 39 degrees this morning at 5:30. Still a bit of snow on the ground, but that's not going to last long.

Jem so far is handling chemotherapy quite well, and his tumor has shrunk. My vet says that unlike humans, cats and dogs seem to shrug off the effects of these harsh chemicals. And they are harsh since I have to put on gloves to handle the cytoxan pills.

After we'd seen ermine in Yellowstone, I began to wonder, with all the squirrels and chipmunks around if we didn't have some here. I put the trail camera up at the spring above the house, but the two animal pictures I got were deer. The camera has a motion sensor, but it's not terribly sensitive, so I think that by the time it would sense a fast mover like a weasel, that the animal was long gone before the shutter clicked. I did get a few shots of snow on the ground at the spring....So I moved the camera down to the house, pointing at the area under the bird feeder, a popular gathering spot for the birds, squirrels, deer and ?