It's been so mild this week, and with the full moon it's been very hard to think that this is the second week of November. When I got up at about 12:30 this a.m to do the necessary, it was still 42 degrees up here on the mountain. No wonder I'm still having flies falling on my head and expiring on the window sills...arggh!

I hadn't planned on taking a walk on the hill this afternoon, but with the crazy warm temp., clear skies, and forecast of winter weather for all of next week, it seemed sinful/insane not to take advantage of the late Fall warmth. Dogs loved it of course, even with a ride and walk in town, and as I've been watching the barometer fall steadily since Thurs. p.m., I know that they and I will be glad we got out and about today. Moisture coming at us from West and South!

If I wasn't careful/paranoid enough already about falling and/or hurting myself while hiking, going up/down stairs etc., earlier this week I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips. I had a dream last night where I told my own self "don't worry", and I am back to the gym to get more exercise (beyond the dog hikes) and am trying not to obsess.....