Rain at last

Summer is finally over, with rain and cooler temps. starting yesterday. The 80s in October are kind of ridiculous, although the vegetables in the greenhouse got to keep growing. Using a heat lamp, I'll see how long I can keep the summer squash and tomatoes from from freezing. We'll cover up the carrots and store them in the green house.

It seems that our house has been discovered as a tasty treat by the flying squirrels. The nocturnal little buggers seem to like to dine at 2:30 a.m. They glide onto dovetails at corner of the house by the deck, and have been chewing on the edges and faces of the logs, likely trying to get into the house for the winter. Hopefully the repellent spray will be a deterrent rather than a sauce. The repellent contains capsacin (the pepper in pepper and bear spray) and "putrescent egg whites", so I had to pay attention to the prevailing breezes when spraying it. (I've experienced a whiff of pepper spray once and would rather not do that again) If that doesn't work, we can consider physical barriers, although through my research I found out flying squirrels are carnivorous and eat mice, so maybe we can do a deal.

Finished the Scapegoat panorama I've been working on, so will be putting that up in my "Diversions" section. A new turkey piece is up in "Natural Science".